Revolutionizing Home Renovation by Introducing Decco

If you have been through a home renovation, you know it is a complex web of communication and difficult to manage. Solving this problem was the inspiration for creating Decco, a cutting-edge productivity and collaboration tool that redefines the way homeowners, builders, and designers approach home building, design, and remodeling projects.

The Challenge of Traditional Home Design

Traditionally, managing a home design project involves a myriad of spreadsheets, endless email threads, and back-and-forth text messages. This disjointed approach leads to miscommunications, overlooked details, and ultimately, a compromised realization of the homeowner’s vision.

What Is Decco?

Enter Decco: a solution that addresses these challenges head-on by centralizing all aspects of managing a home design into one beautifully simple interface. Designed for builders, designers, and homeowners alike, it facilitates seamless collaboration and efficient management of every detail in-home projects. From initial ideas to final approvals, Decco ensures all involved know what they’re getting and get what they want.

Decco for Builders

Builders use Decco as a central hub to manage, approve, and record project details with partners and clients. This centralized management system reduces miscommunications and rework to ensure projects stay on track and within budget.

Decco for Designers

Instead of relying on a cumbersome email, text, and spreadsheet system, Decco offers designers a simpler, reliable way to help clients make decisions and manage their budgets, streamlining the design process and enhancing client satisfaction.

Decco for Homeowers

Decco empowers homeowners to take control of renovation projects, saving and sharing ideas, decisions, orders, and product information with the design team and contractors, all within Decco’s intuitive interface.

Why Choose Decco?

Decco stands out for its ability to bring builders, designers, and homeowners together, allowing collaboration and management of all details of home renovation projects in a way that was previously impossible. With Decco, every preference, due date, cost, question, and decision is kept in one shared place, eliminating guesswork and fostering better results faster.

A New Era of Home Renovation and Design

The launch of Decco marks the beginning of a new era in home renovation. Its innovative approach to management promises to transform the industry, making the process more efficient, transparent, and enjoyable for everyone involved. To support building a complex dream home or a detailed remodeling project, Decco is the tool you need to ensure success.

Decco is a game-changer for builders, designers, and homeowners alike. By fostering collaboration and simplifying project management, Decco is set to revolutionize the home renovation industry.